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7 Ways to Protect Your Pet from Electrical Hazards

If you have a pet, you most probably consider it to be more than just an animal, a member of your family. You want it to be healthy and live as long as possible. But pets are curious and you can’t always keep an eye on them. That’s why it’s best to keep their environment […]

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10 Most Common Causes of Electrical Problems in the Office

We’ve talked a lot on our blog about electrical hazards in the home that you should be aware of and how you should take care of them. But what about in the workplace?  Whether it’s an office in a commercial building or a construction site, both have a number of potential electrical hazards. It’s important […]

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We Are Now Astley Electrical

We’ve got some exciting news! Miles Astley Electrical Services will be rebranding to Astley Electrical, as Miles has officially made his two sons, Aaron and Ben, Directors in the family business. We redesigned our logo, redid our home office, and have a new space to welcome new clients. This change brings about a new chapter […]


Which Light Bulbs Are Best for Your Home?

Lighting an average household in Australia takes up about 10% of the electricity bill. This is because more people are using more energy efficient light bulbs in recent years. And they don’t just save you money, they also reduce the number of light bulbs that end up in a landfill. All in all, choosing efficient […]

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How to Prepare for Common Electrical Problems in the Winter

Winter brings about a host of electrical issues because of the cold temperatures and precipitous weather. If you’re not familiar with them, you cannot prepare for them. If you can’t prepare for them, they can turn into costly repairs and uncomfortable conditions, or worse, injuries, fires, and even death.  We’ve listed some common electrical problems […]

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5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring an Electrician

Are you about to have electrical work done on your house for the first time? Will it be your first time hiring an electrician and you aren’t sure how to hire a good one? We understand that it’s not only about the work experience, but also about letting people, virtually strangers, into your home. How […]

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How to teach your children about electrical safety

Children are naturally curious, and sometimes that curiosity can lead to some serious injuries. One way that can happen is with electricity, which is why it’s important to teach them about safety as early as four. But how can you teach children about something they can’t see or touch? It isn’t the same as teaching […]

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A Tradie’s Tale

Want to know what it’s like to be a tradie and start your own business? This is the story of our very own Miles Astley, from his days as an apprentice to starting and growing Astley Electrical to what it is today. Apprenticeship Miles started when he was 18. He spent the first two of […]


What It’s Like to Work with Astley Electrical

Astley Electrical believes in exceptional customer service, delivering above and beyond, with a client-for-life philosophy. Our more than 38 years in the industry can attest to that. We don’t just get in and get out when we do a job; we make sure you’re guaranteed to become one of our loyal clients. We’re a family-owned […]


5 Things You Can Do to Upgrade Your Home

This pandemic has got us staying in our homes for longer than we can remember. Some of us have learned to enjoy it, while some can’t wait for the time when it’s safe to go out and stay out. But since it looks like we’ll be staying in for just a little longer still, we […]

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