Efficient Ways to Keep Your Home Warm During Winter

The winter period in Australia may not be as chilly as in the coldest nations, but people still spend a considerable amount of money on household heating. According to Compare The Market, electricity bills in most homes increase by 30% during winter. If you’re among those who’ve had to cut energy consumption due to the […]


How Often Should You Test or Replace Smoke Alarms?

Nothing is more vital than your family’s health and safety. And when it comes to keeping your family safe, you need a working smoke detector. Having a quality smoke alarm installed in your home isn’t enough. You need to maintain it and keep an eye out on its condition to ensure its smooth functioning. A […]

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What We Love About Our community

At Astley Electrical, our community is more of a family, and there is so much to love about it! This aligns so well with our client-for-life philosophy that we uphold so dearly by ensuring our clients get nothing but the best. From the first consultation to the final installation, we take care of our client’s […]


Here Is an Easy Way to Test a Safety Switch

Whether you rent or own, it’s best to consider installing a safety switch on all your circuits. Everyone wants to live and work in a safe environment. A safety switch provides the highest possible level of protection for people working with and around electrical equipment. A safety switch refers to a device that monitors the […]

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Electrical Maintenance During The Summer Humidity 

The summer comes with a lot of heat and the humidity levels often reach as high as 80-90%. High levels of humidity usually make your home’s temperature feel hotter than it really is because the moisture in the air makes it hard for your body to cool down naturally. The presence of moisture in the […]

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Prepare for Power Outages by Investing in a Home Generator

If you’ve ever experienced a power outage, you know how this inconvenience can often last for hours, days or even weeks. Even worse, they can be extremely costly if you’re not prepared for them. But thanks to home generators, power outages in Australia can be more manageable. Here’s why you should own a home generator, […]

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10 Myths About Electricity That You Need to Know About

There are so many myths and misconceptions that surround the phenomenon of electrical energy. Can you believe that people still think red fabrics expose them to electric shock? You will be surprised to know that some of the precautions you take while using electricity are unnecessary.  In our brief blog, we are setting the record […]

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5 Electrical Safety Checks Every New Homeowner Needs To Have

Well done! You’ve just bought a house! You worked and saved to get here, and managed to successfully navigate the Australian property market. It’s a significant milestone! The next step is to organise moving in! Calling a removalist company isn’t the only thing you need to do though. You should also organise a professional and […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Electrical Transformers

Not every appliance, computer, water heater, television, refrigerator, or light requires the same amount of electricity, or voltage, to run. This is where an electrical transformer comes in. What Is an Electrical Transformer? An electrical transformer is a device that takes very high voltages of electricity and reduces it to a suitable voltage for powering […]

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What is PowerPoint Overload? And How Can You Avoid It?

The average Australian household has a wide variety of appliances that rely on electricity. And that number grows each year as shiny new gadgets and smart devices hit the market. In fact, the Australian appliance market is expected to explode to $1.1 billion within the next few years! As a result, more than 25 percent […]

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