February 8, 2022

There are so many myths and misconceptions that surround the phenomenon of electrical energy. Can you believe that people still think red fabrics expose them to electric shock? You will be surprised to know that some of the precautions you take while using electricity are unnecessary. 

In our brief blog, we are setting the record straight. Read on to know at least ten common myths about electricity and if they are true or false.

1. Electrical Appliances Consume Electricity Even When Turned Off But Plugged In. 

 As long as you leave your home or office appliances plugged into the power outlet, they will still siphon and consume electricity. A lot of electricity is consumed via turned off devices since they become ‘electricity vampires. Unbelievable, but true.

2. Birds Are Not Good Conductors.

Now, if you’ve always wondered how birds sit on live wire unbothered, here is why. Birds have perfectly resistant legs to electrocution. They are bad conductors of electricity. However, if another object, for instance, a grounded metal object, comes into contact with the wire while a bird still sits on it, the bird won’t be so lucky.

3. Leaving the Lights On Consumes More Electricity

 Switching off lights when not in use is probably your most handy energy-saving hack. Unfortunately, leaving a light on for an hour consumes less energy than switching it on and off several times within the same time frame. So you might want to reconsider next time you scold your kid for briefly leaving their room with the lights on.

4. Electricity Has No Weight or Mass

Just because you can’t see or touch electricity doesn’t mean it’s weightless. Electricity is measured in four basic units: watts, volts, amps, and ohms. It is a common myth that it has no weight, but how then could you possibly pay your electricity bill if it were immeasurable? 

5. Solar Panels Cause Cancer

Solar energy is the cleanest, cheapest, and most efficient source of electrical energy. However, a myth dictates that the means used to transform solar energy to electricity (solar panels) produce carcinogenic electromagnetic fields. This myth is not valid! As much as some solar cells emit toxic elements, they are not a risk to you or your loved ones. 

6. Lying Flat During a Thunderstorm In An Open Field Reduces Chances of Electrocution

If you get caught in an open field during a thunderstorm, squat or bend down to avoid being struck by lightning. This is not true. To be safe, run to the nearest shelter, but stay away from tall trees, metal conductors like wires, gates, or fences. Metal may not attract lighting. However, lightning travels through metal. Note that lightning strikes swiftly, even in areas with no rain.

7. When Heating Your Room, Close the Windows

The misconception is that most heat in a room is lost via the windows. In the real sense, most heat escapes through the walls. Walls occupy a larger surface area than the windows, so before upgrading your windows, consider insulating your walls. It will help you tap more heat inside and save up on electricity bills in the short run.

8. Electricity Travels With the Same Speed As Light

You can bet that the speed of light is unbeatable, but here is a fun fact for you. Electricity is just as fast as light! Light travels at approximately 300000 km/s, and so does electricity.

9. You Can Handle Live Wire As Long As You Have Rubber Gloves

Wood and pure rubber are perfect insulators, but it is rare to find pure rubber. Don’t be surprised if you have rubber gloves on and still get the shock of your life. In the case of wood being a perfect insulator, it has to be free of water. Don’t walk on wet grounds exposed to a bare live wire, believing that your rubber boots will protect you.

10. Electrical Current Entirely Depends On the Thickness of Wire Cables.

 The girth of a wire cable has nothing to do with the amount of current that passes through it. Current only flows faster in narrower lines. Thus, the myth is false.

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