December 14, 2020

This pandemic has got us staying in our homes for longer than we can remember. Some of us have learned to enjoy it, while some can’t wait for the time when it’s safe to go out and stay out.

But since it looks like we’ll be staying in for just a little longer still, we need to embrace being homebodies and it’s easier to do that if our home has everything we need in it. It’s of the utmost importance to make sure we feel safe while also enjoying our time in them. We at Astley Electrical have created the ultimate checklist to ensure you and your family will be adjusting to the new normal seamlessly. 

From fast internet connection to security features, this list might even have you staying home more often, long after this is all over!

1. Connection

Having a fast and secure internet connection is important not just to be connected to the rest of the world in a time where information is vital, but to battle the boredom as well. Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, etc. entertain us and connect us to friends and family so we won’t feel starved for human interaction. Not to mention online shopping is also at its peak.

Installing a 4G antenna boosts your WiFi for a stronger connection, and WiFi extenders provide better signal throughout your home. No more fighting over bandwidth, especially if there are a lot of people in your home.

2. Energy efficiency

Staying at home means the lights are being used more often and the bills could be at their all time high. That doesn’t have to be the case if you switch to all energy-efficient lighting.

Are you still using halogen globes in your home? Halogen globes create an excess amount of heat and therefore aren’t energy efficient. This also cuts their lifespan short because it overheats the lamp holder. 

According to the Lighting Council of Australia, halogen globes will be phased out starting 1 September 2021. This regulatory change will effectively restrict the supply and sale of many halogen globes on and after 1 September 2021.

It’s time to make the switch to LED lighting. They are long-lasting, durable, and more efficient than incandescent lighting. Astley Electrical highly recommends when changing from halogen to LED lighting, that you change not only the globe and transformer but also the existing lamp holder, hence guaranteeing maximum life span expected of the new LED globe.

3. Security

Thanks to home delivery, we can fulfil our needs (and cravings!) without having to risk going outside. But strange times can bring out the worst in people and stealing packages does happen.

Installing security cameras helps ease this worry. Cameras record and give vital information on an incident, but their mere presence discourages suspicious activity right off the bat. Your packages stay put and you and your family can sleep better overall knowing you’re protected. 

Even if staying at home is encouraged, sometimes an errand really needs to be done that requires you to go out. Having cameras at home also allows you to check on your family while you’re away so you can make sure they’re safe.

4. Beauty

It’s amazing how much lighting can affect the atmosphere and set the mood. Bright lights perk us up while dim lighting makes us relaxed. Different light fixtures achieve this and you can install different kinds in and out of your home.

Miss dining out? No problem. Make date nights romantic again with pendant lights which can be hung from the center of your dining room or living room to create a relaxing atmosphere. When paired with a dimmer switch, you can adjust the brightness depending on your occasion.

You can even spruce up your outdoor area with new lighting such as a linear suspension fixture. They’re great for really radiating light throughout a space so you can enjoy barbecues with the family at night. Or you can hang string lights for a more romantic feel – they aren’t too bright so you can sit back and look at the stars.

5. Entertainment

You may not be going to the movies for a while. But who needs the theater if you’ve got your own home entertainment system? 

It’s a perfect way for the family to bond or have your own special me-time. And it’s not just for movies or TV shows. You can level up your video game-playing or sports-watching experience as well. Plus you can bring any food and drink you want and adjust the sound and acoustics to your specific preferences.

Any room can be converted to a home theater. If you’ve got an unused basement or extra bedroom, it can be modified to be the room you’ll be spending most of your time in.

Astley Electrical can help you with all of these upgrades and more! You’ll be glad to know we work with the safest protocols so you don’t have to worry about when you can get started on your new dream home. Get in touch today.