July 2, 2023

Our lives have become increasingly dependent on various electrical devices and appliances. From the moment we wake up in the morning to when we go to sleep, we encounter an all too familiar frustration: dealing with a multitude of plugs that seem to populate our living spaces. The tedious task of unplugging them can quickly become a source of annoyance that disrupts our otherwise seamless interactions with technology. This blog highlights the most common household plugs found in Australian properties and provides practical tips on how to unplug with ease.

Phone Chargers

With smartphones being an integral part of our daily routine, the phone charger is perhaps the most commonly used electrical accessory in any household. Hold the plug firmly and pull it straight out of the socket to unplug a phone charger. If it feels too snug, try wiggling it from side to side while applying gentle pulling pressure. Avoid tugging on the cord, as this can weaken the connection and lead to other costly outlet issues.

Hair Straightener and Dryers

Without hair, most people would have bad hair days every day. Unfortunately, the cord’s tendency to twist and tangle can be frustrating. To unplug a hair straightener without hassle, ensure it’s switched off and cool to the touch. Pull the plug straight out of the socket and avoid yanking or tugging on the cord, as this can damage both the plug and your socket. Carefully wrap the cord (or retract if it’s a fancy one!) and store away for future use.

Extension Cords 

Extension cords provide flexibility, but proper handling is essential. When unplugging an extension cord, ensure that all connected devices are turned off or disconnected first. Then, hold the plug itself – not the cord – and gently remove it from the outlet. To prevent tangling and damage, consider using cord reels or wraps for storage. Keep your extension cords in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and sharp objects, to maintain their integrity and prevent potential hazards.

Power Strips

Power strips are convenient for powering multiple devices, but overloading them can be dangerous. To unplug a device from a power strip, follow this: Firmly grasp the specific plug you wish to remove and gently pull it straight out. Avoid pulling on other cords or causing strain on the power strip. Additionally, be mindful of the power strip’s wattage and avoid plugging in devices that exceed its capacity. For efficient storage, consider using labelled cable ties or clips to keep cords organised and easily identifiable. By practising safe unplugging and avoiding power strip overloads, you’ll promote a safer electrical environment.

How a Certified Electrician Can Help

Should you encounter persistent issues or are uncertain about any electrical work on your property, seek the assistance of a reliable electrical contractor like Astley Electrical, serving the Sydney Metropolitan area. We offer various services, including domestic electrical work, smart home setups, commercial and industrial building/construction projects and more. Contact us today to ensure the smooth operation of your plugs and electrical systems.