July 13, 2020

The story:

Sarah is a long-term client of ours, we have known each other for over 15 years. Our relationship started out as just tradie-client but we now consider each other family. We have been over each other’s houses for meals and get-togethers.

When lockdown happened, Sarah was just about to leave Australia for the UK where she spends half the year. She could no longer do so. She found herself having to move into a new unit because she had just sold her penthouse. But the new unit still needed electrical renovations and Sarah was worried about the amount of time this would take. Not only would the new unit serve as her temporary home but an office as well, as she works from home as a writer. She didn’t want to rent another unit while waiting for this one to be finished and ready. She needed the job to be fast.

Being a long time client of ours, Sarah turned to us for help with this emergency. Team Astley Electrical showed up for her and managed to expedite a normally six-week job into two weeks to make sure Sarah would get settled in as fast as possible. We worked longer hours to make this possible, which wasn’t a problem for our team because we knew how crucial this job was.

The job was big.

We had to do a complete rewire and upgrade to specify lighting, switching, audio visual distribution, NBN, Foxtel, and WiFi transitioning. The electrical portion of the job was Sarah’s favorite part, saying she ended up loving her new unit more because of the electrical work we did. She came to appreciate the importance of something as simple as lighting and how it can affect her mood. 

We worked closely with her and a designer. Sarah would share with us her ideas on what she wanted and our team would take her ideas and give her professional advice on how it could be done better. After seeing our work, Sarah could see how our solutions were even better than her original ideas.

“Someone’s true colors really come out in a crisis and I’m really not exaggerating, but you really did come to the rescue.”

– Sarah 

Why this project is special:

Team Astley Electrical is proud to have come to Sarah’s aid in a time of crisis, not just talking about the pandemic but also being all by herself while her family is halfway across the world. She was alone and couldn’t just up and leave like she used to.

A home, electricity, and a place to continue doing your work are things we take for granted. Seeing how happy Sarah was at our service reminded us how important our work is and why we really value our relationships with our clients. At the end of the day, we really do what we do to make others happy. 

This project was also training for my sons and some of our younger electricians and it made me proud to see this business I’ve been at for 38 years will be in good hands. 

Sarah was also kind enough to mention that compared to her experience with electricians in the UK, we really showed her a different level of care, service, and professionalism. She felt listened to, understood, and valued. That’s really a Team Astley Electrical guarantee, whether with our long-time clients or new ones.

The outcome:

A home and home office for Sarah that she is very happy about. She did not have to rent while waiting for us to finish and she ended up having a bigger appreciation for her new home. For us, it was a welcome challenge to minimize the timeframe of the job and we were rewarded with a tremendous achievement and a happy client.