July 8, 2024

Children are naturally curious. They want to discover everything about the world around them. This is adorable in a safe environment, but not every aspect of your home is necessarily safe for explorative play. As a parent, childproofing the safety of your little one is always a top priority. That is why we often take special steps to childproof the house before they start crawling and pulling on power plugs.

At Astley Electrical, we’re not just an expert electrical team. We’re also parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and older siblings. We know how important it is to keep children safe in the home and the steps necessary to keep them safe from electrical hazards. Let us share a few practical tips on how to create a secure haven where your child can safely explore and play.

Safeguard with Outlet Covers

Outlet covers protect unused outlets from being tampered with. These covers clip tightly over one or both outlets to ensure that little ones can’t burn their fingers or get a jolt trying to play with the outlet.  There are plug-in outlet covers for basic safety, but for truly tenacious little ones you can also apply screw-on outlet plates and even locking outlet boxes.

Outlet locks are also useful; they lock plugs into the wall. This way, children cannot unplug important items or risk touching the metal prongs while they are still connected to the outlet.

Effective Cable Management

A child’s natural curiosity will draw them toward power cords. Childproofing through cable management can help you keep these cords tidy, safe, and also pleasantly out of sight. Tying cables together can form combined cords. Rubber bumps allow you to smoothly cover cables that are along the floor, and they’re also more wheelchair-friendly. Cable socks are fabric tubes that can bundle several cables into a single channel that children can’t tamper with.

For locations like entertainment systems, childproofing can involve using cable tracks mounted on the wall to keep cables from becoming a jumble near the floor.

Ensuring Appliance Safety

There are several possible risks associated with toddlers and common household appliances. Children can tip over heavy appliances, turn on dangerous features, or crawl inside chambers they shouldn’t be in. Fortunately, you can secure each appliance based on the possible risk.

  • Latch appliance hatches and doors tightly with a lock or strong magnet
  • It’s also a good idea to latch nearby cabinets
  • Place covers or locks on cooktop and oven knobs
  • Secure freestanding appliances like microwaves and televisions so they can’t fall
  • Power down or unplug appliances with digital control panels
  • Engage child lock features when available

Teaching Kids About Electrical Safety

Education can also be a very effective way to keep your child safe from electrical risks. Explain to your child that electricity and appliances can be dangerous and what they should not do. Give reasons, as children are more likely to remember and obey rules when they understand why the rule exists.

Explain to toddlers that these dangers can hurt and their fun will stop for all day or longer.

Kindergarteners are often old enough to understand concepts of safety, danger, and how to play safely.

School-age children may be interested in how electricity and appliances work, and ready to be safe as they learn grown-up things.

Consistency is important. Share the same message each time you discuss electrical and appliance safety, and simply expand on the facts as your child grows old enough to understand more. This will build a foundation of electrical safety and help your child make smart decisions about how to play as they grow up safely in your home.

Childproofing Your Home’s Electrical System

Ensuring your home’s electrical features and appliances are childproof is crucial for your child’s safety. At Astley Electrical, we’re committed to making your home a secure environment for your little explorers. Our expert team will help you install outlet covers, secure fixtures, and plan the safe arrangement of appliances. Let’s create a worry-free space for your family. Reach out to us today to discuss how we can assist with electrical childproofing in your home!