July 1, 2022

Homeowners and business owners need to take the right steps to keep their electrical systems safe, maintained, and fully functional. Regular electrical maintenance provides an opportunity to identify any issues before they become a real problem, such as tripping or in more extreme cases – fire. A robust electrical maintenance routine can improve equipment performance as well as reduce accidents and give you confidence in the safety of your equipment. Here are some of the benefits of electrical maintenance:

1. Avoid Expensive Repairs  

Regular maintenance usually makes it possible to detect electrical issues before they become serious difficulties that damage equipment in your business or home. As a result, this helps you avoid emergency power losses as well as expensive repairs. 

2. Minimise Fire Hazards 

Your home or business is a secure place, so it’s important to keep it that way. Prioritising electrical safety is key to maintaining a hazard-free home or workplace. While you may assume that electrical faults like tripping switches, flickering lights, and discoloured wall sockets come with the nature of electrical systems, these are actually signs of an underlying problem. It is important to keep your property free of potential safety hazards by staying on top of electrical maintenance. 

3. Reduce Energy Costs 

Routine electrical maintenance can reduce your energy costs and save you money in the long run. For instance, your electrician is able to identify future potential problems by carrying out a thermal scan of your equipment to identify areas that may be failing. A professional electrician will also advise you on the best energy efficient devices for your home, such as using LED light bulbs. 

4. Protect your appliances 

Proper maintenance extends the life of your appliances, such as ovens, HVAC systems, and others. An important part of electrical maintenance is the ability to identify issues within your home or business appliances before it gets to the stage where they need replacing. Regular electrical maintenance helps you get the maximum use of all your appliances.  

5. Reduce Downtimes 

Carrying out regular electrical maintenance reduces downtime of your equipment. A small malfunction of your equipment can quickly become a big problem if left unaddressed, and this can lead to costly interruptions. By maintaining your electrical infrastructure and assets, you improve efficiency, minimise power outages, prevent data loss, and reduce downtime. 

Periodic Inspection  

It’s important to have periodic inspections of your electrical systems and appliances. A periodic inspection is an inspection of an existing electrical installation, to identify any deficiencies against the safety standards for electrical installations. A periodic electrical inspection will check if your business or home electrical installations have any faults which are unidentifiable with a simple visual check. This means that qualified electricians must carry out a thorough inspection to reduce any risk and provide a safe environment. It is important to have periodic inspections to ensure that no electrical systems have deteriorated or become dangerous to work around.  

Minor Repairs 

Minor repairs usually comprise adjustment, repair, or replacement of worn-out or defective parts of electrical equipment. Some of the minor repairs include replacing a light switch, a light fixture, an outlet, and others. Even though these are minor electrical repairs, it’s dangerous to handle electrical systems by yourself. It’s therefore important to work with an electrical professional for all your minor electrical repairs. 

Major Repairs 

Major repairs involve electrical equipment that needs a complete overhaul or substantial replacement of parts. The processes involved here also require special tools and expertise in order to achieve a successful repair. You will therefore require proven and professional electricians for your major repairs.  

Why Choose Astley Electrical

We empower our clients with excellent service that comes from being more than 38 years in the industry. Astley Electrical is tried and proven in providing the skill and knowledge to maintain all aspects of the electrical trade, whether it is essential services or general maintenance to ensure your home, business, and/or property is safe, up to code, and running smoothly. Here are some of the services included:

  • Data Networking 
  • Generator Maintenance 
  • Light & Power Installations 
  • Switchboard Maintenance 
  • Exit & Emergency Lighting Tests & Reports 
  • Test & Tagging
  • Service Calls 
  • General Maintenance

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