January 24, 2022

Well done! You’ve just bought a house! You worked and saved to get here, and managed to successfully navigate the Australian property market. It’s a significant milestone! The next step is to organise moving in! Calling a removalist company isn’t the only thing you need to do though. You should also organise a professional and certified electrical contractor to come and assess your new property to ensure that everything is up to code and safe before you move in. What will they be looking for? Here are the 5 main things.

According to statistics, electrical fires are among the most common causes of residential fires in Australia. As a new homeowner, ensuring that your home has been checked for the following 5 potential problems will make sure that it is in optimal condition before moving in and that those who will be living there are safe.

1.    Replace Any Damaged Cords or Wires

If the home is not newly built and you bought it from a previous homeowner, you might need to replace cords and wires. Get a qualified electrician who will help you check for any worn or damaged cables. Just because your sockets work fine and appliances work does not mean those wires are safe.

To prevent potential fires, this should be the first thing you do before moving in. Please do not attempt DIY repairs, as you might miss something that an experienced electrician might pick up on.

2.    Add More Outlets

After checking the state of your new home, check the available outlets. Get an electrician to install more if the house does not have enough outlets for all your gadgets and appliances. You have the option of using extension cords, but they also pose a fire and tripping hazard.

Never staple power cords in place. Ensure the power cords do not run under furniture, damaging the wires by crushing the core. Some people run cords under rugs, which is a tripping hazard. You can use the extension cables occasionally, but adding more outlets solves the issue permanently. If you have young children, ensure the outlets are either covered or out of their reach.

3.    How Much Electricity Your Home Needs

The electrician will advise you on how much electricity your family will likely need to use and whether your home’s system can keep up. One of the leading causes of electrical fires in homes is overloaded outlets or systems.

List all your appliances, electronics, outlets, and lighting fixtures in each room. The electrician will help you to determine the appropriate type of gauge and wiring to use.

4.    Future Proof The Home & Make Maintenance Easy

Before you embark on building or remodelling your home, plan the electrical systems to make future maintenance easier for you and the electricians. You cannot guarantee that the same contractor will be available when you need to do some maintenance in the future. 

Ask the electricians working on the house to take photos of the switches and wires. Ask them for detailed connection diagrams and anything else to make it easier for another electrician to avoid damaging your wires and walls.

5.    Make Your Home Energy Efficient

The cost of electricity keeps going up. It’s best to keep your new home energy efficient. Going green protects the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and energy conservation. An energy-efficient home and also keeps your electricity costs down.

 You can achieve this by using eco-friendly equipment, incorporating natural lighting, and harnessing the energy from the wind. Install programmable appliances such as thermostats, air conditioners, etc., that go off when not in use; LED lights and timer switches are ways you can build or renovate your home into an energy-efficient one. Use solar panels to save electricity.

At Astley Electrical, we have 38 years in the electrical field. We have the expertise and experience to advise our clients before they move into their new homes. We ensure your home’s electrical installation is professionally done to prevent any electrical fires. Contact us for more information and how to get started.