November 2, 2023

As scorching summer days approach, it’s not just your comfort at stake. Your electricity bills and your home’s electrical system are also in jeopardy. High heat outdoors is a notorious problem as home air conditioners strain to keep up with indoor comfort. The older your AC units and household wiring, the greater risk is created by Australia’s summer heat.  

Fortunately, burning electricity at increasing rates is not your only option. There are also green cooling methods that can help you stay comfortable while protecting your bills and electrical system. Join us in exploring green cooling solutions, their electrical benefits, and energy-efficient practices to keep your home efficiently cool through the scorching summer.  

Summer Heat and How It Affects Electricity

When the temperature rises, your home will naturally rise in temperature to match it. Sunshine beating down on your roof and outer walls increases the transmission of heat beyond the ambient temperature. The bigger the difference between the heat and your thermostat temperature, the harder your AC works. The harder your AC works, the more stress it puts on your electrical system.

However, more efficient cooling systems can provide the comfort you seek while requiring far less electricity. The right solutions can keep you cool, reduce your power bill, and provide greater electrical safety.

The Electrical Benefits of Green Cooling

Most homes have central cooling or window/wall air conditioners, but you can focus on green methods instead. Green cooling requires far less from your electrical system, reducing the risk of overloads, shorts, and burning wires.

From reduced electricity use, you gain the benefit of lower energy bills. The less electricity your home needs to stay cool, the more affordable those summer months become.

In fact, you can even generate some of the electricity you need to stay cool at home using solar-powered cooling. Solar power is energy emitted directly by the sun, which we have plenty of.

Sustainable solutions enhance the longevity and performance of your electrical system and cooling appliances.

Energy-Efficient Cooling Appliances

The best way to achieve green cooling is through energy-efficient appliances. Thousands of homes in Australia were built decades ago, and so were their AC systems. Those old units become less efficient and require even more electricity over time.

In contrast, the latest green energy-efficient cooling systems require less electricity inherently because they are designed with high-efficiency technology that requires less power for the same amount of cool. Adding smart thermostats is also extremely useful for optimising home temperature settings to use the least electricity for the greatest comfort throughout the day.

Electrical Considerations for Home Insulation

Insulation is also critical to improving the cooling efficiency of your home. The insulation holds the cool temperature inside and keeps the summer heat outside. Combine insulation with sealing to ensure that the air cannot try to reach equilibrium through the cracks. By creating an effective barrier between indoors and outdoors, you can ensure energy efficiency because your cooling will not need to constantly run to counteract heat seeping in.

This saves on electrical performance, using less electricity by properly containing the cool comfort already generated.

Indoor Cooling Practices

What types of green options are available to you? There are many different ways to increase the energy efficiency of your summer cooling solutions. Some are high-tech, some are structural, and some are methods to enhance the quality of cool you are already generating.

  • Programmable Thermostats: Programmable thermostats can optimise cooling times and temperatures 
  • Well-Maintained AC Systems: Regular cleaning and tune-ups (yearly) can help keep your current AC system more efficient and last longer.
  • Recently Installed AC Systems: Modern AC systems are more energy-efficient than older models.
  • Heat Pump Cooling: Heat pumps generate cold by transferring the location of heat. They are more energy-efficient and also work for heating in the winter.
  • Ceiling Fans and Misters: Enhance your home’s cooling capabilities with good airflow and light misting.
  • Proper Insulation and Sealing: Keep the hot outdoors and the cool indoors with insulation for greater cooling efficiency

Stay Green and Cool This Summer with Astley Electrical

Astley Electrical is your partner in achieving green cooling solutions that not only keep your home comfortable but also optimise your electrical system’s efficiency. By adopting sustainable cooling practices and leveraging our electrical expertise, you can enjoy a cooler home while reducing energy consumption and electrical costs. Contact us today to learn more.