July 21, 2020

Just about a week into the Covid-19 Pandemic, we were called by our local hospital initially to help build an intercom system in their new Coronavirus area. This was for facilitating communication from patients to nurses and specialists in two pressurised rooms with a glass barrier to limit cross contamination and protect the hospital staff.

After the intercom installation, the hospital’s head engineer asked us how busy we were because they needed help with another issue. One that was vital to the health of their patients.

The hospital needed to set up temporary electrical body-protected areas in preparation for the influx of patients. These needed to follow hospital electrical standards, which are higher than you need in either residential or commercial premises.

The story from Miles himself

What does electrical body-protecting involve?

Body-protecting protects patients connected to machines, such as ventilators, from potential electric shocks by electrically sensing and isolating at a higher level to turn the power off when there is any sort of electrical disturbance (for instance a power surge). Like when your circuit breaker trips when there is a power issue but much, much more sensitive. 

Because of the anticipated high influx of patients, the hospital needed to clear out office spaces and turn them into hospital-standard rooms that were patient ready. The power points in those areas needed to be body-protected to make sure the rooms were as safe and hazard-free as possible for the expected new patients.

The team was ready and wanted to help out as much as we could. We did not hesitate to get more of our team to the hospital to start the job of body-protecting the office spaces’ powerpoints. The Hornsby Hospital provided our team with the necessary PPE to make sure both we and the hospital staff were protected from Covid-19. The entire project took a couple of days from start to finish.

Why this project is special

The job itself was nothing new for us but with the current circumstances, we felt elated that we were able to help our local community with our business. Knowing that we better-equipped a hospital to treat patients, especially during a pandemic, is definitely one for the books. We worked as fast as we could and finished the work in record time.

The outcome

We were able to body-protect the power points of the offices-turned-rooms, working as fast as we could and with the help of the hospital providing us PPE. Now the hospital has additional rooms that can accommodate COVID-19 patients and are safe and hazard-free.