December 1, 2022

With Christmas so close, most families have plans for celebrations, lights, decorations, and more. They are motivated to make festive fun and memories with family members and friends. However, the merry time may turn ugly due to electrical accidents. Knowing the basics of electrical safety guarantees you a happy festive season.

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Check your Electrical Decorations for any Damage or Faulty Wiring

Decorations and lights make up the Christmas magic. Before setting up the decorations, it’s essential to ensure they have no defects. Check your electrical decorations for any damage or faulty wiring.

If there are any issues, fix them. Consult an electrician’s help in case of faulty wiring. You can start stringing lights or garlands after ascertaining your decorations have no damages or faulty wiring.

DO NOT Overload Circuits

Circuit overload occurs when the electrical demand exceeds the maximum voltage a circuit can handle. Overloading your circuits may result in electrocutions, fires, and damage to your electrical devices and appliances.

To be safe, never overload a circuit. Read the capacity guidelines carefully before plugging in lights. When using multiple lights in one circuit, ensure the total wattage does not exceed the capacity of the circuit.

Always turn off lights when not in use or invest in energy-saving appliances. This helps you save energy as well as reduce the risk of cords overheating.

Be Careful Linking String Lights that Plug Together; don’t Overload the Wattage

String lights can help you achieve your desired Christmas theme. Before setting up your string lights, plug them into an electrical cord. This helps you identify faulty lights and frayed wires.

Be careful when linking the string lights. Ensure every end cap is correctly linked to the connector and sealed before connecting to an electrical cord.

Always check the wattage rating when linking string lights that plug together. Avoid overloading the wattage as it may result in electrocutions or fires. Use a plug designed explicitly for connecting string lights.

Use ONLY Outdoor Extension Electrical Cords

Outdoor extension electrical cords are preferred due to their ability to handle heavy-duty tasks. Their amperage ratings are high to ensure they deliver high power voltages. The cords have additional insulation that makes them thicker than most indoor electrical cords.

Outdoor extension cord coverings are heavy-duty plastic, vinyl, or rubber. This makes them withstand moisture, sunlight, and temperature fluctuations.

The advantage of outdoor extension cords is that they have three-prong plugs. The third prong connects to the cord’s ground wire to prevent electrical shock or fire.

Be Careful not to Place your Christmas Tree next to any Open Flames or Heat Sources

Christmas trees add extra holiday cheer to your home. However, Christmas trees are one of homes’ most common electrical hazards. You must be cautious whether you use a natural or artificial Christmas tree.

Do not place your Christmas tree next to open flames or heat sources. It is recommended to place your tree at least 3 feet away from any heat sources. Disconnect extension cords when not in use. Keep your natural Christmas tree fresh and discard it when it dries up. Avoid connecting string lights on artificial trees with metallic pine needles.

Decorate Safely this Festive Season

Safety should be your top priority when decorating and lighting your home for Christmas. I hope the tips above will guide you to a safer festive season. Remember to consult a professional for any electrical repairs or installations.

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