April 1, 2024

Winter doesn’t have to mean spending all of your time indoors. The crisp air and beautiful change in scenery can turn outdoor gatherings into a refreshing and relaxing experience. The key to a welcoming patio, or deck in the winter time, is lighting that is warm and inviting. With the right winter-ready outdoor lighting, you can turn your outdoor oasis into a comforting retreat and an enjoyable entertaining area during the chilly season.

Creating a Winter Wonderland

With the onset of winter comes a change in light. Winter skies tend to be grey and not as bright as during the summertime. It’s part of the reason that a warm lantern glow feels so welcoming as you approach a home full of life and activity. But it’s not just the windows that glow with welcome, A well-lit outdoor space can create a winter wonderland. Hanging lights on your porch, awnings, and among the trees can create a truly delightful winter retreat for yourself, and anyone who comes to visit.

Winter lighting creates a cosy atmosphere that brings a warm glow to the cool, grey surroundings. Lighting makes your space stand out as a pool of warm glow that naturally draws the eye and lifts your spirits.

Winter-Resilient Lighting Fixtures

Of course, when lighting your outdoor space, it’s important to choose lighting fixtures designed to withstand winter conditions. You’ll want moisture-resistant fixtures and weather-resistant bulbs. The best lights can withstand various weather conditions, repelling hail and enduring through the colder nights while glowing cheerfully during the winter season.

Explore options like lanterns, fairy lights, garden path lights, and wall sconces that add to the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area. Ensure each one is moisture-resistant and rated for cold environments.

LED Illumination for Winter Nights

LED lights are the best suited for outdoor winter conditions, especially during the nightly temperature drop. There are many types of lights that do not fare well in the cold. Some need to warm up before the light begins. Some are at a greater risk of exploding or burning out during cold weather. Many rely on heat to produce light.

LED lights, however, emit very little heat and don’t require heat to function. They turn on instantly in the cold and do not take damage in cold environments. LED lights also last several times longer than most other bulbs, meaning you won’t have to change your outdoor lighting often to enjoy that warm, inviting glow for several years per diode.

LED light strips, LED bulbs, LED smart bulbs, and LED light sculptures are all attractive choices to enhance the beauty of your winter garden and the inviting quality of your deck or verandah.

Illuminating Key Features

Landscape lighting is a wonderful way to illuminate key features in your garden and create visual focal points, even in the winter.  Low-set spotlights can make your bushes or garden sculptures glow elegant, drawing the eye and beckoning winter visitors to meander down your garden paths. Lanterns cast pools of warm light, which can make your sheltered winter seating areas more welcoming. You can even use coloured lights and patterned light covers to cast beautiful mosaics on the frost-strewn landscape and turn your garden into a painting that will be especially vivid in the winter.

Astley Electrical Expertise

Building the right outdoor lighting design requires a combination of artistry and electrical skill. This is exactly what you’ll find at Astley Electrical. Our team’s experience in crafting party-ready outdoor lighting will make it easy to bring your own winter landscape to life with warm pools of light, beautiful accents, and soft strings of lights which will create beauty and warmth in your winter outdoor space.

Reach out for a chat about your winter lighting plans and receive a professional, seamless installation service.