August 2, 2022

Today, your home’s electricity is more than just a convenience, it is a necessity. Dealing with electrical issues is challenging. Not everyone has the skills and know-how to diagnose electrical problems as it involves a complex network of wires and hazardous charges.

Australian homeowners face several electrical issues. But just because these are common, it doesn’t mean you should ignore them, as they may be proof of serious underlying problems.

Most home electrical issues will require professional help. Here are the top five home electrical problems you should look out for in your home to know when you can contact Astley Electrical for specialist help.

1. Your Light Switches Are Not Working

This can happen due to the use of sub-standard products or faulty installation of switches. It occurs when the light switches fail to work, making it impossible to use your home lighting.

In most cases, the issues can develop when the circuit and fixtures are removed, or the switches are superseded.

If your breaker box is not the cause, you may be facing an electrical fault in the outlet, circuit, or wiring. Getting professional assistance will help in diagnosis.

2. The Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Circuit breaker trips are common and, in fact, healthy in several instances. The breaker can trip during high wattages, such as using hairdryers and fans when there is an electrical overload. Most homes lack sufficient power points to deal with such large electrical setups.

You can tell whether your circuit breaker trip is healthy or a faulty issue by looking at the electrical appliances that were on when it happened. Try to limit large voltages on a single circuit to see if it trips again.

  • Other ways to prevent the breaker trips include:
    • Unplugging devices that are not in use
    • Avoid daisy-chaining power boards
    • Spread high voltage electrical in various locations
    • Add another circuit or upgrade your electrical systems

3. Lightbulbs Burn out Often

Lightbulbs can burn for various reasons, such as lousy circuit wiring, insulation causing overheating, an excessively high wattage, or poor connection on the circuit.

In most cases, you will find it difficult to diagnose the issue that causes Light Bulbs to burn without knowledge of the subject. Always hire a reputable electrician to identify the root cause and prevent future problems with lightbulb burnouts, such as high energy bills. 

4. Frequent Electrical Surges

Electrical surges refer to any overvoltage disturbances in an electric circuit that can seriously destroy plugged-in equipment. They can occur due to lightning strikes, bad wiring systems, or faulty appliances used in your home.

Although these surges only last milliseconds, they will have long-term effects such as degrading the life expectancy of your electrical appliances.

Before contacting a specialist to diagnose the cause of the electrical surge, try removing any cheap items on your power outlets. If the problems persist, that issue is likely to be coming from your actual home wiring systems and require immediate repair.

5. Electrical Shocks

Electrical shocks are scary and can be life-threatening. Typically, they occur when you turn a device on or off and can be very challenging to determine where the problem lies.

Most electrical shocks occur due to a switch, appliance, or power outlet fault. If you plug in another appliance and the problems persist, it is not a one-off occurrence. It is best to conduct a professional examination of your switches, wiring and power outlets.

Get Help with Your Electrical Issues

Electrical issues can be devastating as they stop you from carrying out duties requiring home electricity. You can reduce them by having a periodic professional inspection and installing a whole-home power surge protection device to protect your home’s electronics and appliances from surges.At Astley Electrical, we follow a client-for-life philosophy combined with over 38 years of experience to guarantee your satisfaction. Our team of electrical specialists is qualified to take on any project you have. Call us today at 02 9456 4586 to receive a free quote!