June 3, 2024

The home office has become an essential part of residential designs. With remote work and hybrid schedules on the rise, many professionals need a dedicated space at home for focus and business. This demand has sparked a growing interest in home office setups and dedicated workspaces. This includes high-quality equipment, guaranteed connectivity, and ergonomic design. Many WFH professionals have noticed that the room selected for their home office needs an electrical upgrade. This realisation has prompted them to seek electrical improvements.

Perhaps there aren’t enough outlets, poor lighting, or you can clearly envision the ways your home office electrical design could be improved. Astley Electrical can help you bring your ideal set-up into reality with custom electrical installations and improvements. Let us help you make your home office more than just a workspace in a spare room. Transform it into your personal hub of productivity with our assistance.

Proper Lighting Solutions

A good office has lighting that is clear and focusing. Each person has their own lighting preferences, but there’s no question that you need quality light. Selecting the right colour temperature (yellow to blue) and having the power to brighten or dim your lights can enhance your productivity. 

You may desire to create a layered system of lights. This can involve balancing natural light, overhead artificial light, and task lighting to enhance both your mood and your workflow. Incorporating smart lights can put control at your fingertips. However, you may discover that smart lights require new open-air light fixtures to perform well.

Ensuring Reliable Connectivity

Connectivity is essential for any office. You need to be able to rely on a steady and sufficient flow of power and a strong internet connection to get your work done, and not all home offices are properly equipped.

Upgrade your home office outlets if the wiring is old or there aren’t enough outlets for your needs. Have a surge protector installed so that your equipment is protected even against neighbourhood power fluctuations. You can also have internet cable installed so that you can rely on the steady stream of data from a hard connection compared to relying on wireless or phone data.

Many choose to have a dedicated electrical circuit installed. This ensures your office equipment is isolated from the rest of the house and can’t be thrown off by a microwave or vacuum cleaner in the next room.

Ergonomic Electrical Solutions

Ergonomics play an important role in home office design, and that includes electrical ergonomics. Having power in the right place can help you install all the right equipment and even powered furniture for the perfect home office design.

Adjustable desks, multiple monitors, and ergonomic lighting all rely on access to outlets in just the right places and a dedicated source of power. Electrical pros can also help you ensure efficient cord management and home office electrical safety.

Creating a Distraction-Free Zone

The ability to focus in your home office and define your ultimate productivity. Electrical sound proofing options include strategically spaced speakers that produce white noise (or play your favourite focus music). You might even enjoy powered window blinds that open or close with a word to your smart home or the touch of a button.

Smart home features can also help you enhance focus. Use a smart home speaker not only as an intercom but also for call holding convenience. Immerse yourself in a variety of nature sound white noise or opt for softly spoken podcasts in the background. Take control of your ambiance by adjusting lighting brightness, lowering shades, and even having your virtual assistant repeat task lists back to you.

Future-Proofing Your Home Office

Don’t forget to plan for the future. Consider scalability in your home office electrical design. Will you need more equipment in the future? Or perhaps your spouse or a growing child will add their desk to yours in the home office soon. Anticipate your future electrical needs. Consider automation routine tasks and integrate smart home features that might enhance your at-home work experience.

Upgrade Your Home Office Design with Astley Electrical

If your home office could use an electrical upgrade, you’re not alone. Many homes have old wiring or the room selected is not configured for an office design. As home offices become more important, Astley Electrical is here to assist by rewiring your home office, installing new outlets, features, and protections to help you achieve your optimal at-home productivity. Get in touch with our team today!