July 12, 2021

We’ve got some exciting news! Miles Astley Electrical Services will be rebranding to Astley Electrical, as Miles has officially made his two sons, Aaron and Ben, Directors in the family business.

We redesigned our logo, redid our home office, and have a new space to welcome new clients.

This change brings about a new chapter in the 40 years that Miles has worked as an electrician, from his apprenticeship to establishing a successful, family-owned electrical business. Who can he trust more to continue the legacy of excellent service and clients as family, than the ones he actually taught everything to?

Aaron shares that he’s always been fascinated by his dad’s work. He says in a Facebook post:

“On days when [Dad] was cleaning his van out I would always be out there with him, going through all the different tools and materials with no real idea of what they were. When I got a bit older, I went to work with him a few times and would go to the office and just be playing with random things.

I knew from Year 10 that I wanted to pursue a career as an Electrician. So I enrolled in a TVet course through my high school. This allowed me to go to Tafe once a week for a few hours. I did this for both Years 11 and 12 which ended up helping me get through my first year of Electrotechnology Theory.

Once I started I was just eager to learn and spent most of my first couple of years travelling around with Dad and soaking up all his knowledge.

Even after 13 years of being in the industry, I still seek his advice with certain issues. But now he is starting to come to me for advice. It just goes to show that we are always constantly learning and gathering knowledge even after tens of years working.”

We started doing electrical work for our local homeowners and small businesses throughout the Sydney Metropolitan Area and have since expanded our clientele to high-end residential builders and commercial project directors. But as we grow, we don’t just choose the big jobs now. We offer our services and expertise to anyone who needs them, and we make them a part of our family.

Miles attributes the growth of the business to Aaron and Ben as they were the ones who suggested taking business and marketing courses. This helped to streamline their paperwork and free up a lot of their time for their clients. It was also their idea to give the business a social media presence, increasing their reach for new clientele. 

Picture of Astley Electrical team member

No matter what changes we go through, one thing will always stay the same. Astley Electrical will continue our signature “client-for-life philosophy”, a method of giving such excellent service that you gain a client for life and treat them like family. 

This is how we’ve always worked from the beginning and where we owe all of our success to. It’s also what makes our future secure. Because we treat our clients like our own family, they end up staying with us for life and our family grows.

The team itself is also growing, with new apprentices being taught by the best in the business. 

With Aaron and Ben as directors, Astley Electrical is on the right track to fulfilling our dream of becoming the lead Electrical Contractor throughout Sydney. And we’re happy to take you along with us for the ride.