January 18, 2021

Astley Electrical believes in exceptional customer service, delivering above and beyond, with a client-for-life philosophy. Our more than 38 years in the industry can attest to that. We don’t just get in and get out when we do a job; we make sure you’re guaranteed to become one of our loyal clients. We’re a family-owned business, with two sons as Directors plus Miles’ wife and stepson as part of the Astley Electrical team. We’re all about expanding that family by happily serving our community.

We started doing electrical work for our local homeowners and small businesses throughout the Sydney Metropolitan Area and have since expanded our clientele to high-end residential builders and commercial project directors. But no job is too big or too small for Astley Electrical. We’re happy to offer our services and expertise to anyone who needs them.

How we began

After ten years of being in partnership with another electrician, Miles decided to go it alone. He was building an ever increasing high-end client base through his reputation of being one of the most skilled electricians in Sydney and the personal way he dealt with his clients. He put the two together and Astley Electrical was born. He talks about it more on the Tradie Avante Garde podcast.

Now, some of Astley Electricals’ clients are second generation while an estimated 50% of our clientele has been with us for over thirty years. Our team has grown from just us family to employees that we treat as family.

Expanding the business

For ten years, Astley Electrical worked purely on word of mouth references and we were able to get a decent amount of clients. As our business grew bigger, we expanded our presence on social media to reach a wider audience. We now post daily on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, with the addition of a quarterly informative newsletter. Locally, we run ads in a local colored community magazine. That’s how we get clients. But how we keep our clients is purely through our client-for-life philosophy of work. 

We also took business courses that taught us how to use operating systems that make our job easier. By streamlining our paperwork and freeing up a lot of our time, we are able to spend more of it improving our clients’ lives with our work.

“Customer for life” philosophy 

Astley Electrical strongly believes that our clients aren’t just for a job, they should be for life, just like family. Every job we do, we ask ourselves “Is this something I would accept in my own home when it comes to workmanship and quality of materials?”

Because we treat our clients like our own family, they end up staying with us and our family grows. We have old clients whose children have also become clients and someday their children will be too, that’s a Astley Electrical guarantee.


We’ve encountered extensive and interesting challenges over the years that have made us more aware of our mission – to achieve through knowledge from experience. Our job teaches us something new every day, such as keeping up with ever changing technology especially in the electrical trade. We train our team and send them to new courses so their skills grow.

Another challenge we took up is the way we market ourselves as a company. We’ve expanded to social media and made improvements with our website, making sure it’s up to date. This helps our clients easily reach us from anywhere and get as much information on us as possible, so that we get bookings.

Every business has its own unique set of challenges. We have learnt from our challenges and put in place processes and Standard Operating Procedures to make sure we minimise any issues that might arise.

Work during Covid-19

One of our biggest challenges but biggest rewards has been helping out our local community and dear clients during the pandemic and lockdown. It was a worrying and unsure time for everyone but we were more than willing to step up. 

Hornsby Hospital Electrical Services Work during COVID-19

We got a call from Hornby Hospital, our local hospital, to initially build an intercom system in their new Covid-19 area. The project quickly turned into something more when the hospital’s head engineer asked for our help setting up temporary electrical body-protected areas in preparation for the influx of Covid-19 patients. They needed to clear out office spaces and turn them into hospital-standard rooms that were patient ready, and fast! 

 What is Hospital-standard Electrical Body-Protection?

In order to comply with hospital electrical standards, which are higher than the ones for residential or commercial premises, the offices’ power points needed to be body-protected. Body-protecting is done to power points to protect patients connected to machines, such as ventilators, from potential electric shocks caused by sudden electrical disturbances like a power surge. Body-protected areas electrically sense and isolate at a higher level to turn the power off and prevent an electrical shock. This is like when your circuit breaker trips when there is a power issue but much, much more sensitive. 
Astley Electrical was ready to help out in any capacity that we could. We did not hesitate to get more of our team to the hospital quickly to start the job. The Hornsby Hospital provided our team with the necessary PPE to make sure both we and the hospital staff were protected. The entire project took a couple of days from start to finish. Knowing that we better-equipped our local hospital to treat patients, people from our own community, made this one of the most rewarding jobs ever. To read more about our work for Hornsby Hospital, click here.

Averting a COVID Crisis for Sarah

Another way we helped was through our client and friend Sarah, who, like everyone, also had trouble during the pandemic. Sarah was a long-time client who has since become like family.

When lockdown happened, Sarah was just about to leave Australia for the UK where she spends half the year. Instead, she found herself having to move into a new unit because she had just sold her penthouse. But the new unit still needed electrical renovations and Sarah was worried about the amount of time this would take. Not only would the new unit serve as her temporary home but an office as well, as she works from home as a writer. She didn’t want to rent another unit while waiting for this one to be finished and ready. She needed the job to be fast.

How Astley Electrical completed a 6 week job in just 2 weeks

Team Astley Electrical showed up for her and managed to expedite a normally six-week job into two weeks to make sure Sarah would get settled in as fast as possible. We worked longer hours to make this possible, which wasn’t a problem for our team because we knew how crucial this job was.

We had to do a complete rewire and upgrade to specify lighting, switching, audio visual distribution, NBN, Foxtel, and WiFi transitioning. The electrical portion of the job was Sarah’s favorite part, saying she ended up loving her new unit more because of the electrical work we did. She came to appreciate the importance of something as simple as lighting and how it can affect her mood. 

We worked closely with her and a designer. Sarah would share with us her ideas on what she wanted and our team would take her ideas and give her professional advice on how it could be done better. Sarah also compared us to her experience with electricians in the UK. We showed her a different level of care, service, and professionalism. She felt listened to, understood, and valued. That’s really a Team Astley Electrical guarantee, whether with our long-time clients or new ones. To read more about how we helped Sarah avoid a Covid crisis, click here.

The future of Astley Electrical

Astley Electrical will one day be the leading Electrical Contractor throughout Sydney, and we’re on the right track for it. Our team is getting bigger and being trained by the best. What makes our future secure is our clients and our client-for-life philosophy. Family is for life and our clients are just like family.

We also continue to keep up with the times in terms of marketing our business. Right now we’re utilizing social media the best way we know how but best believe as times change, we will change right with them so we can continue to serve and be the best.