June 30, 2020

Heavy rains bring about strong winds and floods, both of which can damage your home. Water may not only have entered the floors in your home but many of your electrical fittings as well, such as your light fittings, sockets, and ceiling fans. And we all know that water and electricity should definitely not mix. 

When your home is flooded, it’s of utmost importance to keep safe during this time. Here’s a list of things to do and look out for if your home is flooded.

1. If your entire house is flooded, don’t go inside.

Don’t attempt to enter your house if there’s any high water inside, even if it’s below your ankles. Water conducts electricity and you can get electrocuted by making contact. Call an electrician first so they can make sure your house is completely disconnected by removing the electrical meter or circuit panel.

2. Look for water leaking from sockets, light fittings, ceiling fans, etc.

Make note of any water you see leaking from these areas but DO NOT TOUCH these objects. Do not attempt to fix them in any way and call an electrician to have them fix any damage.

3. Replace any ruined electrical equipment as soon as possible.

It’s safe to assume anything electrical that was submerged in water will have been damaged. Circuit breakers, fuse boxes, lights, switches, motors, appliances, electronics, and more will need to be replaced. Call an electrician and they will make a survey of what needs to be replaced in your home.

4. Take this as an opportunity to redo your house’s electrical system.

The silver lining in all this is the opportunity to learn from all the damage. For example, you may decide to install your new outlets a foot higher to avoid them being reached by water the next time there’s a flood. Once you have your electrician over to survey the damage, ask them what changes can be made to avoid the same things happening in the future and how to improve your house’s overall electrical integrity. 

At Astley Electrical, we offer a wide range of electrical services and we’re especially ready to offer our professional services when the weather becomes troublesome. Contact us today to find out more.