August 1, 2022

Electrical wiring has a long life expectancy of 50-70 years, with copper material lasting over 100 years. But they’re not immune to destructive factors that can cause them to fray or crack over time. Common electrical problems include excessive heat, loose connections, rodent damage, tripping circuit breakers, dimming lights and more. 

When these problems occur, it’s time to replace or repair your electrical system before it’s too late. But how do you tell whether a specific electrical wiring issue requires a simple repair or an expansive replacement? This blog shares quick tips on when repairing makes sense, when you should consider replacing your electrical system, and why you should always work with a professional. So let’s get started!

When Repair May Not Be a Good Option

While you can sometimes successfully repair minor electrical wiring issues, there are times when replacing your electrical wiring makes more sense. Here are some examples:

  • Your Home Has Been Damaged by Fire or Water. Unfortunately, in most cases, you won’t be able to repair your electrical wiring after water or fire damage. That’s because water and electricity don’t mix well together, so water can destroy the insulation around your wires. And even if you could repair the damage, you’d still need to replace your electrical wiring because the old cables would likely be damaged beyond repair.
  • Your Electrical System Is Older Than 15 Years. Most homes today use modern electrical systems designed to last much longer than older ones. So even though you may be tempted to try to repair your wiring, it’s better to replace them altogether. Old wiring tends to fail sooner than new wiring does.
  • Your Home Needs an Upgrade. If your home was built before 1978, chances are your electrical wiring is outdated. That means you probably need to upgrade your electrical system to meet current standards.

When Replacing Makes Sense

Replacing your electrical system is usually necessary when there’s extensive damage to the wires or when you need to add new outlets or fixtures to your home. When this happens, you’ll want to hire a licensed electrician who specialises in residential remodelling projects.

Replacing your electrical system also makes sense when you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Frayed Wires. Electrical wires can become frayed over time due to normal wear and tear. If you notice that a wire looks worn or frayed, you’ll want to replace it immediately.
  • Loose Connections. Loose connections between wires and appliances can cause sparks and fire hazards. You’ll want to address these issues as soon as possible.
  • Tripped Circuit Breakers. Tripped circuit breakers indicate that something is wrong with your electrical system. For example, it could mean that your house is overloaded, which would require a larger capacity breaker. Or it could mean that your home isn’t properly grounded, which would need a rewiring project. Either way, you’ll want to call for help right away.
  • Dim Lights. Dim lighting indicates that your electrical wiring needs some TLC. Unfortunately, many ignore this warning sign because they think their lights will eventually go out. But if you leave things alone, you might have a costly repair bill down the road.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Electrical Contractor?

Electrical wiring issues should never be handled without an expert’s guidance. You need a professional electrical contractor to assess, repair, and replace your electrical system risk-free and error-free. Here are the top benefits of working with a professional electrician:

  • They’re adequately trained. Performing any type of electrical repair or upgrade requires top-level safety training. They know how to safely work in tight spaces and handle hazardous materials like electricity.
  • They have access to the latest tools and technology. The best electrical contractors understand the latest trends in electrical design and installation. They also have access to the newest tools and equipment needed for repairs and upgrades.
  • They have years of experience. A reputable electrical contractor has been in business for many years and has a proven track record. Their expertise ensures that your job will get done on time and within budget.
  • They offer warranties. Many electrical contractors offer warranties on their services. These warranties cover everything from labour to parts. So if anything goes wrong during your project, you’ll be covered.

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