June 14, 2019

Our community of Berowra Heights was hit with a massive hail storm the size of cricket balls 5 days before Christmas on 20 December 2018 around 4pm. We were one of the lucky ones at least we had a roof with no holes. Our Christmas Party was scheduled to take place the following day and felt I needed to be out helping our neighbours and the community, so I cancelled the Christmas Party and my staff wanted to help out my neighbours and the wider community putting tarps on roofs and make safe their homes.

I have to say a massive thank you to my team and what a great team of people that I have working for me. Residents were very thankful of the help as the SES was inundated with call outs. Our community is still suffering 2 months down the track as families have had to vacate their homes as homes were condemned and others with leaking tarps
incurring further damage whilst waiting for the insurance company to carry out an assessment of their property. The stress that has caused these families is heartfelt.

I wanted to acknowledge the works of these fine young men as not all of them live in this area and travelled to help the Berowra Heights community.