June 2, 2022

End of financial year is approaching! Prior to June 30th, you can take advantage of some massive discounts on energy-efficient appliances. Upgrading old electrical appliances can cut your electricity costs, by choosing a new energy-efficient model. And you can benefit from reduced prices, coupled with the ability to claim a tax return reduction on some items. Find out how you can improve your home’s power system performance while increasing your property value with Astley Electrical.

Upgrades Around the House

Most homeowners are looking for cost-effective appliances to help them save on energy costs. We have gathered quite a number of them for you:

1. LED Lighting

These lighting options last longer, give better lighting, are more environmentally friendly, and help you save money on your electricity bill.

2. Bedroom Smart Wiring

Sometimes you can get too lazy to get out of bed to switch off the lights. Connect your bedroom lighting to your bedside table to easily turn it on and off.

3. Wireless Thermostat

Pre-heat or cool your space before you get home from work and save on electricity while you’re gone.

4. Home Automation System

This device gives you remote access to heating and cooling, lighting, ventilation, and security locks.

5. Automatic Lights

When the door opens, the lights turn on, and when it closes, the lights go off automatically.

6. Charging Station

Tiny ‘fights’ may arise at home over power sockets. A charging station will keep all the electronics in one place, freeing up other ports for other devices.

7. Smart Electrical Wiring

Install new energy-efficient cables, switches, and circuits to save money and make your home safer.

Upgrades Around Your Home Office Before EOFY

Here are a few improvements to make your home office more enjoyable and productive.

1. Smart Lighting

Overhead ceiling fixtures provide overall room lighting with task lighting near seating areas and desks. You can also incorporate LED lighting, which consumes less energy, gives enough heat, and lasts a longer time.

2. Switches and Outlets

Avoid running power cables around your home by installing outlets exactly where you need them.

3. Surge Protectors

It’s critical to safeguard your home from unexpected electrical surges. A surge protector will protect all your essential devices, such as computers.

4. Upgrades to Electrical Panels

If you constantly install extra lighting and outlets in your home, you’ll want to ensure your electrical grid can adequately handle your present and future power requirements.

Upgrades on Your Investment Property

Upgrades to the electrical systems in your property will make a big difference in the eyes of potential buyers.

1. Outdoor Lighting

Your property’s exterior is the first thing a potential buyer sees. Motion sensors add protection to the property and save energy by turning off automatically when not in use. In addition, floodlights are an excellent way to improve safety and illuminate your front path.

2. LED Lighting

Nowadays, people are increasingly motivated to lower their carbon impact and conserve energy. Both could be strong points in favour of your property when completing a deal with a potential customer.

3. Additional Powerpoints

Most home-buyers will check if it’s possible to use various electronic devices simultaneously while also charging them. We advise our customers to add power outlets on the bedsides, opposite the sofa, in the corridor, near the kitchen benchtop, near the bathroom to charge electric razors, and beside the equipment drawer to power appliances.

4. Child Proof Outlets

Childproofing your property for electrical safety might be a significant win if your interested customers are families with children. The outlets are a low-cost method to show that you care about your customers.

4. Home Surge Protection

A power surge or spike can harm home appliances if you don’t have a home surge safety system fitted. New home-buyers are curious whether the tools they want to utilise are effectively secured against power surges.

Upgrading Your Electrical Appliances Has Never Been Easier!

Are you looking to integrate some of these fantastic ideas into your house or investment property? At Astley Electrical, we deliver Sydney’s best lighting and electrical installation services. Call us today to see how we can assist you in getting the most out of your unit.