May 23, 2022

The winter period in Australia may not be as chilly as in the coldest nations, but people still spend a considerable amount of money on household heating. According to Compare The Market, electricity bills in most homes increase by 30% during winter.

If you’re among those who’ve had to cut energy consumption due to the increasing energy costs during winter, this article is for you. It highlights some of the most efficient ways to heat your house without breaking the bank.

Cost-Effective Home Heating Options

Synthetic insulation and window replacement may be effective ways to warm your house, but they’re expensive in the long run. Alternative pocket-friendly household heating methods include:

Focus on the Power Drawing Appliances

Drawing power, also known as leaking electricity, refers to the amount of energy devices still consume even after turning off. These include microwaves, computers, DVD players, TVs or any other device on stand-by mode. You can protect yourself from the effects of drawing power by unplugging all devices from their sockets when not in use. You could also use a power strip or surge protector to stop the unnecessary energy loss in your home.

Use Curtains for Insulation

If you have thick curtains around your home, you can use them as insulators during the cold season. Leave your curtains open throughout the day for enough sunlight to penetrate, and quickly close them when dusk approaches to trap the accumulated heat inside your home.

Tip: Have your curtains run from top to floor and draught them for any leaks for the best result.

Move Your Lounge Area

While it may seem reasonable to have a sitting area next to a heater or fireplace, this move may counter your objective. Surfaces near a heat source absorb much of the heat, preventing it from spreading to the rest of the house. Clear any objects near the heat source to allow proper warmth circulation.

Install Air Conditioning

Contrary to popular belief, air conditioners are cheaper and more effective than electric heaters. Unlike heaters, air conditioners always turn off when the maximum room temperature is achieved to avoid overheating a room.

Use Electric Blankets

Using heated blankets around the house helps keep you and those around you warm during the winter. Make sure they’re in proper condition for maximum insulation.

Change Fan to Winter Mode

Most people use fans only during the hot seasons, but they can also come in handy during the cold winter period. Fans contain a reverse setting option that pushes air downwards, allowing hot air to rise and warm up your place, especially if it has a high ceiling.

Potential Winter Heating Safety Risks to Avoid

Heating a home is generally a low-risk affair, but in some cases, it may pose a significant threat to human life. You should always take precautions to avoid these potential risks when warming your house for winter:

Electric Blanket Fire

There’s little to no chance of an electric blanket catching fire unless misused, old, or damaged. Check your blanket for any discords, especially on safety features such as the thermostat control. Also look at replacing your electric blankets after five years of use.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Research by the University of South Wales showed that carbon monoxide-related deaths are increasing, and the situation worsens during winter. This results from people leaving their heating systems running for long hours without proper servicing. Get a professional out to service your heating system and other components such as vents to avoid costly malfunctions.

Fireplace-Related Fires

A cosy fireplace is the best way to keep yourself warm during the cold season, but you should take great precautions to avoid a firestorm. The first thing you must always do is clear out residual ashes from previous fires. You should also have a screen to prevent ashes from jumping out and ensure your chimney is in order.

Winter Heating Made Easy

Keeping your house warm and saving on energy costs during winter isn’t as far out of reach as you might think. You will have a much warmer and less costly winter with these tips. At Astley Electrical, we provide the best electric installation services in Sydney.