September 13, 2021

The pandemic and quarantine orders since last year got a lot of us starting all kinds of new projects, from baking sourdough bread to starting a plant collection to even doing a little DIY fixing at home.

DIY is definitely a great money-saver but sometimes if you’re in over your head, it can end up costing you more: whether you cause more damage or it results in an injury.

That’s why there are experts you can call to do the more complex renovations. Here’s a list of times when it’s better to hire the pros for your home renovations.

1. If it requires a permit

If your renovation is big enough that you think it requires a permit, check that out first. A permit means the job would require specialized knowledge of a licensed professional. These types of jobs usually involve electrical work, plumbing work, window installation, fence installation, and other structural changes.

Contact your local government to find out if you need a permit before doing anything drastic and you end up doing irreparable damage.

2. If you’re planning on selling your home

Selling a house is serious business. Getting the profit you want from selling your home may not be possible if you DIY the renovations. This is definitely something you want to leave to the experts, but you need to do your homework too. Get estimates in writing, ask for contact references, confirm the contractor has licenses and insurance. 

3. If it’s going to take a lot of time

Sometimes you can underestimate a job and realize it’s going to take longer to finish than you thought. An unfinished DIY can be very inconvenient to you and everyone else under your roof. It can also mess up schedules, where you have to finally commit to finishing the job, foregoing other stuff you have going on.

Experts have very clear timelines and plans, which they share with you after taking a look at what needs to be done. This allows you to work around their schedule or vice versa. They’re able to finish the job a lot faster too.

4. If it involves electrical wiring

It goes without saying that it’s better to be on the safe side. If you make a mistake trying to DIY faulty wiring in your home, you and everyone you live with are in potential danger. You can either shock yourself on the job or finish up thinking you solved the problem, only for an accident to happen later on to anyone in the house. Injuries can happen and sometimes they end up being fatal. 

Hiring a professional ensures the job is done safely and properly. Electricians have years of training and are licensed, not to mention they will have insurance and warranty so that in case of damage done to your home, they will be the ones to pay for it.

Do you need renovation work done?

Astley Electrical has been in the business for almost 40 years. We’ve made a name for ourselves in the greater Sydney area, doing electrical work for both residential and commercial clients. There’s no job too big or small for us, and we work with a client-for-life philosophy in mind. 

If there are any electrical renovations you need to be done in your home or office or place of business, contact us to set an appointment.