May 17, 2022

Nothing is more vital than your family’s health and safety. And when it comes to keeping your family safe, you need a working smoke detector. Having a quality smoke alarm installed in your home isn’t enough. You need to maintain it and keep an eye out on its condition to ensure its smooth functioning. A smoke alarm is, undoubtedly, a crucial device in your home. It will alert you in the case of dangerous fire or smoke.

Being an electronic device, smoke alarms are prone to wear and tear. The battery can die, and its parts can become faulty over time. Regular check and battery replacements will ensure their efficiency. Continue reading to know how often you should test or replace smoke alarms.

When Is the Right Time to Check Your Smoke Alarms?

Every homeowner should check their smoke alarm once every six months. It would help if you changed the battery of the smoke alarm every year, as it is prone to dying. To keep your family on the safer side, you can test your device monthly. This will ensure that you keep yourself and your loved ones safe in fire times.

Many times, the smoke alarms show irregular beeping sounds or give false alarms. In such a case, you should check your smoke alarm more frequently. Or you can find an expert who knows how to handle such issues. Below are a few signs indicating you need to replace your smoke detector.

  • The device isn’t responding when you test it
  • The device gives false alarms and unwanted beeps
  • The device turns on or off anyhow
  • The device is turning yellow due to bromine
  • The device has lived its life and has completed ten years of age

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Smoke Alarm Working

There is no question as to why you should keep an eye on your smoke alarm. Being a vital safety device, every homeowner should follow these maintenance tips. Below are the steps you need to follow to keep your system healthy and functioning.

  • Monthly Maintenance Tips
    Every month, you should test the device with the help of the test button. Keep the button pressed until you hear a loud beep sound. Then, you can release it and be rest assured that it’s working correctly.

  • Yearly Maintenance Tips
    Cobwebs and dust can build up around the smoke alarm device. It can harm the efficiency of your device and lead to false alarms. You can use a broom to get rid of the dust. Try to use insect spray to ensure no bugs or insects. And be sure to change the battery of your smoke alarm every year.

Get in Touch with Astley Electrical to Test Your Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarms are an efficient device that will protect your home from fire. Though regular checkups and maintenance are vital, professional help is crucial too. You should get your device checked yearly by the professionals. At Astley Electrical, we have a team of highly skilled professionals. We will help you keep your device up to date with the changing legislation.

Whether you need repair or want to upgrade, Astley Electrical can help. Our team will offer a detailed inspection of your smoke alarms. We will ensure that your device is ready for the scorching summer heat. And we’ll replace the whole system if it’s over ten years of life. In case the device needs repairing, our team will fix the fault.

Get in touch with the team at Astley Electrical right away. We would love to help you protect your smoke alarm.