A Tradie’s Tale

Want to know what it’s like to be a tradie and start your own business? This is the story of our very own Miles Astley, from his days as an apprentice to starting and growing Astley Electrical to what it is today. Apprenticeship Miles started when he was 18. He spent the first two of […]


What It’s Like to Work with Astley Electrical

Astley Electrical believes in exceptional customer service, delivering above and beyond, with a client-for-life philosophy. Our more than 38 years in the industry can attest to that. We don’t just get in and get out when we do a job; we make sure you’re guaranteed to become one of our loyal clients. We’re a family-owned […]


5 Things You Can Do to Upgrade Your Home

This pandemic has got us staying in our homes for longer than we can remember. Some of us have learned to enjoy it, while some can’t wait for the time when it’s safe to go out and stay out. But since it looks like we’ll be staying in for just a little longer still, we […]

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The Importance of Arc Fault Protection Units

What is an arc fault? An arc fault occurs when loose wire connections or corroded wires contact and cause sparking, or “arcing”. This translates to heat and can cause potential electrical fires and is very dangerous. An example of arcing that you may be familiar with is when you hear a light switch or outlet […]


Saving Energy While Working from Home in Winter

This year is going by quite fast! By now, we’ve mastered the ways to be more energy efficient during these cold months. But with COVID-19, we’ve found ourselves staying and working in our homes for the entire day. This means having the heat on when we wouldn’t usually, using additional energy to make meals for […]

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Hornby Hospital Covid-19 Electrical Services

Just about a week into the Covid-19 Pandemic, we were called by our local hospital initially to help build an intercom system in their new Coronavirus area. This was for facilitating communication from patients to nurses and specialists in two pressurised rooms with a glass barrier to limit cross contamination and protect the hospital staff. […]

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Case Study: Averting a Covid crisis for Sarah

The story: Sarah is a long-term client of ours, we have known each other for over 15 years. Our relationship started out as just tradie-client but we now consider each other family. We have been over each other’s houses for meals and get-togethers. When lockdown happened, Sarah was just about to leave Australia for the […]

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What To Do With a Flooded Home

Heavy rains bring about strong winds and floods, both of which can damage your home. Water may not only have entered the floors in your home but many of your electrical fittings as well, such as your light fittings, sockets, and ceiling fans. And we all know that water and electricity should definitely not mix.  […]


When to Replace Your Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are important devices to have in the household. They can save your life. They must be placed in obvious places in the house, such as the kitchen. But you can also install them in your bedroom, living area, basement, and attic. Because their function is vital to the safety of the house and […]



Clean Energy Council have launched a quality assurance program to provide consumers with independent information on the safety of home battery products that meet the standard. The products have been independently tested to confirm they are up to the necessary electrical safety and quality standard. A list of the products that have qualified for the […]